Your meeting at an extraordinary location

Let’s meet up

Welcome at De Zalen van Zeven. Thank you for showing an interest in our service and for considering one of our locations for your (business) meeting. We have a fresh pot of coffee brewing and the cookies are on the house. Have a seat and make yourself at home. In the meantime we’ll tell you something about ourselves, what we believe in and what that means for you. We want everyone to feel at home so let’s leave formalities at the door. De Zalen van Zeven has several inspiring venues in and around Utrecht with rooms for both small and large groups.

The rooms have a modern design with a hint of nostalgia. The homely and warm appearance creates a relaxed atmosphere. Ideal for meetings, workshops and business meetings that allow for a friendly and creative setting. By making use of an old church in a sustainable way we want to make a valuable contribution to society. We like to work with local and global suppliers who have a lot of love for their product. Get in touch with us anytime, we are more than happy to help you with any question you might have.